Originally from sunny England, Grace moved to Santa Monica 5 years ago to continue her quest to bring fitness to as many people as is humanly possible. 

Grace realized her passion for fitness when she picked up dance at an early age and went on to study dance and movement at university. From dance, she transitioned into martial arts and holds a black belt in Tae Kwon do and is an experienced boxing coach. Alongside her martial arts experience, she is a NASM qualified trainer, with a corrective exercises qualification and has a women’s fitness specialization certificate as well. 

Grace has 10 years fitness industry experience and has been running a private training business for the past 3 years in Santa Monica. Thanks to this experience, Grace is able to tailor make training specifically for the individual, in a way that is safe and fun.

She believes that fitness should be something to get excited about and should be enjoyed by everyone. Fitness should be inclusive not exclusive! 

She can’t wait to take the next step with FIT AF and bring a positive and down to earth attitude to class. Her mission is to have every member of the FAF family leaving in a puddle of sweat, and with a smile on their face!


​Originally from Michigan, Allison always had a love of fitness. That started at a young age with soccer, then track then dance and so on. In 2008 it was her love of dance that brought her to discover a new dance fitness class, Zumba.

Taking the Zumba training course, Allison realized she could use her passion of exercise and help others reach their fitness goals. Zumba showed her a way to reach people of all fitness levels and demographics. After becoming a licensed Zumba instructor, and teaching at several health clubs, she felt a pull to California. She finished her undergrad at Michigan State University, and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her passion of Zumba. 

Allison was an early pioneer bringing Zumba to the West Coast. She developed a strong following and was teaching 12 classes a week all over town. Although her love of dance was very strong, she wanted to start helping people on a more personal level. 

In 2013, Allison became an ACE certified Personal Trainer and for over 6 years has been working with individuals to achieve their personal fitness goals in strength training, weight-loss, postural correction, nutrition, and an overall enjoyment of exercise. Allison's main qualities are her patience, kindness and bubbly personality. She has a special way of connecting with each client on a personal level while still holding them accountable and pushing them to new heights. Nothing brings Allison more joy than to see her clients learning new techniques and reaching their goals!

With her dance background and 10+ years in the fitness industry, Allison brings a unique quality to the Fit AF family.  So don't hesitate, come try a Fit AF class and get a chance to work directly with Allison and the FAF team! 


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